Simple Pickled Beets



  1. 5 kgs small to medium beets
  2. 500 ml white sugar
  3. 15 ml pickling salt
  4. 1 litre White Vinegar (Apple Cider Vinegar as Alternative)
  5. 60 ml whole cloves, if desired

Cooking Instructions

  1. Step 1Place beets in boiling water and cook until tender, approximately 15 mins. Then take skin off and cut into desired pieces. Save beet water in pot for brine.
  2. Step 2Place 10 x 500 ml in boiling water or in oven at 100 C for 10 min. Wash unused lids and snap rings.
  3. Step 3Fill each jar with cut up beets and a few cloves if desired.
  4. Step 4Bring to boil beet water, sugar, vinegar and pickling salt. Once boiled, then pour mixture in each jar. Put lid on jar and loosely tighten ring.
  5. Step 5In large pot with enough water high enough to cover jars, bring water to boil. Place jars in boiling water. Ensure each jar has at least 5 cm water covering jar lids. Boil filled jars for at least 10 mins. You should see tiny bubbles come from lid in boiling water.
  6. Step 6Once finished boiling, take out jars and let cool. If the lids “pop” in, then you correctly processed. If not, then the lid was too tight during boiling process.
  7. Step 7Once successfully processed and cooled down, store in a cool/dark dry area for up to 12 months. Put date on jars. Once opened, beets are good for a week.